Thoughts on Kona Now That it is Tuned

Jordan, the Slowrunner, and Kona Mar 24, 2017. 5 comments

The past 3 nights, I have gone for a drive, just to go for a drive. I haven’t done that since... Actually, I haven’t done that since I’ve had the car. The tune added just that little bit of ooomph and character the car was missing. I love it! The crackle tune is a bit much sometimes, but it’s still hilarious.


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A total (not all at once) of 17 were there at different times, I believe a 13 constant were there. I had a great time, I’m pretty sure Peter is still having a good time, and I hope every one that showed up had fun! Me, fulfilling my American duties.

This is perfection. This is perfection.

https://www.instagram.com/p/B2PupK_J7NR/?igshid=6rfmf97rwfq8 I require this.

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The weekend looks clear in the mountains! On Friday plan on meeting up at the Wildwood Grill at Fontana around 7:15pm or later, basically just to meet up. On Saturday, plan on getting to the Deals Gap motorcycle resort at 9am, that is where we depart on the days drive. IF YOU WANT TO GET SOME EMPTY DRAGON RUNS, I...