Big Brakes 

Ruso98 Mar 01, 2017. 8 comments

Does anyone know the car that holds the record for having the biggest brakes?


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Had a blast filming this video with some friends, sorry for some of the profanity! XD Enjoy!

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just finished installing the borla on my tC. Can you guys notice the difference? (Skip to 4:18)

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Hi, I am a car enthusiast that drives a scion tC. I love cars, nature, and the Fast and Furious movies. Glad to join this car-loving community!

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Car KillersCar enthusiasts on a college budgetRead more ReadHey guys and gals, I recently started a Youtube channel (FWD Bros) and I was wondering if any gearheads wanted to give me some ideas for videos? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Keep in mind that I’m a broke college student lol!!!