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saturdays are for the wires saturdays are for the wires

So the factory jaguar transmission used a combo reverse light and neutral safety switch mounted on the transmission but the chevy trans uses the more typical shifter mounted switches. So armed with one 4 terminal deustch connector and 10 feet of wire that was almost an exact match to the factory colors I whipped up this little harness extender...

The alfa's autopsy is complete The alfa's autopsy is complete

My guess to what happened is that the no. 1 exhaust valve dropped and when the piston came up it knocked the valve apart which made the exhaust cam loose it’s timing which bent the other 3 valves as well.I already have a lead on a replacement engine so we’ll see how well that goes.

I have un-good news I have un-good news

The alfa is dead. At least for now. Time of death 7:40 PM EST. Cause of death: Loss of compression from piston to valve interference. How this happened I’m not quite sure, maybe the stripped bearing cap studs allowed the cam to change timing enough to introduce some slack into the chain causing it get worse with the engine...