Hot Take on Rogue One

There is literally nothing wrong with Rogue One. Nothing.


Other With-a-G is back to not having anything written after his username's posts

FEF - Front End Friday FEF - Front End Friday

Y’all can stop posting, because chrome loop bumper:

The struggle is real The struggle is real

Kinja once again confuses testing and production servers....

Anyone who thinks there's no winter in the Southwest... Anyone who thinks there's no winter in the Southwest...

...has never known the joy of Spring’s rejuvenating appearance on that one mid-February day when one can again sleep with the windows open after seven whole weeks of chilly nights.

Nooooooooooo! Nooooooooooo!


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Everything he creates is like an overblown caricature of an actual cool custom.

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So, that lightsaber stuff I posted about a while back? Your browser does not support HTML5 video tag.Click here to view original GIFIt’s now live. DESIGN X SABERDESIGN X SABER is a Y Studios project inspired by the iconic Star Wars lightsaber and some of Y…Read more ReadOver the next week, we’ll be launching a new video every day, our...

Emissions testing in WA will cease after 2019. Emissions testing in WA will cease after 2019.

Surprisingly, I feel kind of bad. I never had a bad experience. The guys were always fast, professional, and polite. The actual testing took maybe 30 seconds.The guy complimented my car. I asked him what was gonna happen to everyone come New Year’s. He shrugged.“Just get laid off...”To be honest, I was perfectly alright dropping 15 bucks every two...

Warning: Nerd zone ahead Warning: Nerd zone ahead

I picked up the Boba Fett rat rod recently. I don’t usually go for Hot Wheels’ fantasy models, but you can see why I made an exception.My first encounter with Star Wars was the special edition re-releases in the 90s. I didn’t care about all the crappy additions and edits at the time. All I knew was Boba Fett...

Red Z06, standing by. Red Z06, standing by.

Let’s play a game! Explanation after the jump.I’ve seen this “game” on some message boards in the past. Not real sure where it orginated (seems like a 4chan thing) and don’t really care. I’m in a Star Wars mood and it’s Friday.For those who haven’t played (and/or don’t know shit about Star Wars), this comes from a scene in...

Star Wars Marathon Star Wars Marathon

3:05 PM: finished empire and Jedi in 10. VII in less than four hours! Om nom nom, I’m totally not crazy yet12:35 PM: this is the kind of audience that cheers when Luke blows up the Death Star. Ten minutes to empire 9:00 AM: 3/7 done. Breakfast break, then the best movie at 10:15. Just 10 hours until the new...