PSA: Target Sale

WD333 May 08, 2018. 3 comments

For anyone looking to start their Christmas shopping, Target is having a 30% off sale on toys, today only (promo code PLAY).


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Walgreens Exclusive Walgreens Exclusive

For anyone interested in exclusives, check out this article from The Lamley Group. Looks like there’s a special Hot Wheels N Case Dodge Ram blue version exclusive to Walgreens. Happy Hunting!

Matchbox Lamborghini LM002 Matchbox Lamborghini LM002

Finally found this one! Been searching for this one for a while. Love the matte red paint job. Wish they would utilize this type of paint on more models. Simple tampos, black wheels, well done...

And now Euros! And now Euros!

Not sure what’s happening at my local Walmart this week, but I like what I see. First I found an almost full set of the Garage series and now I found a complete Euro set! Hopefully this means newer MBXs and the Truck series soon...

Early Week Hawls Early Week Hawls

My local Walmart finally got some newer model MBXs in. Been waiting for that Ghe-O Rescue. Loved the earlier red one. And I’m getting closer to completing my Star Wars set.