Photo Dump from Last Annual Indy SCCA Pt.3


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Am I the only one? Am I the only one?

Whenever I post comments, they go gray and are up for Pending Approval. Does everyone experience this? I thought this was only for people who tend not to post very much. I think, at least, one or two people know my username here.Or is this just standard protocol?


I don't know what to do with my hands.

Calling All Coffee Shop Bloggers/Entrepreneurs & So On Calling All Coffee Shop Bloggers/Entrepreneurs & So On

If you could, I really need more responses for my survey; specifically from this demographic! Anyone who works from a coffee shop (or similar public space), please take my survey! Hopefully I can find an opportunity to design a solution to a common problem in this environment (the goal for this school project). I’m an Industrial Design student, and our...

"Neat!" "Neat!"

Was in a base Canadian MZ3 while on break tonight. I noticed how flimsy the gauge dimmer is on it and how different the assembly is compared to the american MZ3 just two model years back. Here you can hear me talking while watching me jerk around the gauge dimmer.

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First Autocross with the S2000 at RIR First Autocross with the S2000 at RIR

Snagged a couple good friends and went to Richmond Raceway for an AutoX session. I’ve owned the car for over 2 years so I was past due to start learning the limits of the car in a controlled environment. One friend brought along his Lotus Exige; the other his 5th Gen Camaro SS. Special thanks to the Camaro friend who...

Mazda ND MX5 STR-prepped Mazda ND MX5 STR-prepped

Mazda brought this as an exhibition car to Solo Nationals. It’s not officially eligible yet as it is not classed yet

Serious Autocross Serious Autocross

Visiting my friends running the SCCA Champ Tour event in Charlotte. Couldn’t partake myself this year due to work (and limited talent).

Autocrossing for America! Autocrossing for America!

Drove autocross at Portland International Raceway today. It was fun, but the heat was brutal.


I’ll have a video tomorrow. Fucking mini drumpfs

Humble Moment: Don't Take a Reliable Car for Granted Humble Moment: Don't Take a Reliable Car for Granted

Autocross started off as usual: check the MR2's oil & tire pressures, and go. I’ve done the proper maintenance, so this’ll run just fine, I thought. Little did I know how wrong I was. See, driving a Toyota product is typically a trouble-free situation. Well-engineered and overbuilt, these cars run for hundreds of thousands of miles with just routine...

Autocross School, Opposentation Autocross School, Opposentation

As it turns out, Wrong_Wheel_Drive_NOT and I ended up at the same Motorsports Northeast autocross school at MetLife today. My goals today were to get a better understanding of where the car’s limits actually are; a swell bonus would also be to not come in dead last... like last time. All the other drivers today (per their claims!) had at...

So I did an Autocross So I did an Autocross

And my final run, I epically spun. AND the PDR failed to pick it up due to my poor choice in SD cards I installed (wrong size, wouldn’t format.) Slowest Corvette of the day, including C5s and C6s. Those cones are actually really hard to see even after you walk the course twice. Next time, I’ll be showing early walking...

Porsche and BMW Club Autocross Porsche and BMW Club Autocross

I took the 135i autocrossing yesterday at Bremerton Motorsports Park. The event was organized by the local Porsche and BMW clubs. I'd never been to a proper autocross event before and I had no idea how seriously some of these people take it. There were several fully caged race cars brought in on trailers and running on racing slicks....