Good ol' Conan.

Sam Stoner Sep 20, 2016. 7 comments


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Raise that sleeve Oppo Raise that sleeve Oppo

10 minutes in to a double red cell draw, thus the heating blanket. You never know who you might be saving. Especially if you have a desirable type.

Sweet GT70 Video Sweet GT70 Video

Also, if you guys haven't seen the Ford Heritage YouTube channel, you definitely should. It's all old films about Ford products. Here are a few more great videos.Formula Ford -1968 You Automatic Choice - Transit Supervan - 1971

First Day of Work at Jaguar First Day of Work at Jaguar

And I'm sitting in a chair with nothing to do. Yay! No F-Type fondling yet. :(

Welded For The First Time Today Welded For The First Time Today

It was basic stick welding with a 6012 rod. We did circles and lines, then an overlapping pattern over 3 plates. No pictures, but I found I was a little fast and when I got to the end of the electrode I shifted my hands too much. My spacing and control was okay though, overall though. I had one fun...