Selling a "toy".

Just thinking about it is rough. Where do you start? You can price it for the parts invested but you can’t add your time (labor) into it as it’s a “hobby”.

When or If you get over that do you price it at “market”?

That can’t happen.

We’re talking about a machine that lasted through 20 years of abuse and was easily restored for another 20 years of excitement. Very few Quads are ever going to be looked back on as lovingly these little monsters are. Maybe the Banshee. Maybe.

Nope. This sucker just became a “trailer” queen.

That’s the ticket! Here in the Midwest ATVs can enter some Tractor shows and Bike shows. A full and true restoration starts after the first snowfall!


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Well.. Another month and yet another new Phone. Well.. Another month and yet another new Phone.

I’m starting to think it’s time to dump US Cellular. They won’t let me swap phones for anything else without paying. I’d even take an explodey Note. At least those die with some excitement!I’m absolutely signing on with Mediacom for internet and TV now. Screw this “unplugging” thing. Relying on this thing has just been too trying. That also...

Apparently "Buy Here Pay Here" ATVs Are A Thing  Apparently "Buy Here Pay Here" ATVs Are A Thing 

$95 Down and $95 a month for the rest of time! Seriosly, http://m.ebay.com/itm/1985-yamah…It’s about a grand high price wise if it’s as nice as it looks in the pics.

Falling In Love Falling In Love

That is flat out sexy!

Found near Lake Geneva Wisconsin. Found near Lake Geneva Wisconsin.

$2800 was all I could make out on the Sign.For a Rust Belt truck I’d say it’s actually pretty solid. It needs floors but the rest of the body was decent. Wish I could have got more pics but it started raining like mad as soon as I walked up to it.