This is, uh, gloomy

Hooker Dec 31, 2017. 24 comments

So Mate, thoughtfully replied to my well wishes to him That’s awesome. And I thank him for it. Then he added this:

I have a feeling the termination of Oppo will be next.

This is gloomy at best. Thoughts? Mods? Any chatter on the radio? Bombs on the radar? Should we be looking into other venues?

Also, kind of surprised that my comment on the GT article hasn’t been dismissed. I tried to be as respectful as possible because for years, this has been a safe and fun place with excellent writers. I, along with many others, just want to know what’s next.

I’m in no way trying to stir the pot, nor am I trying to incite anyone. I honestly love this place (Oppo and Jalopnik) and am concerned about it’s future. Let’s keep it civil.


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