A bird hit my car today

It hit right square in the driver’s window, it was just a little field bird but still big enough to make a audible THUMMMPPP

^Not the wanted suspect.


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This music video was created by aliens This music video was created by aliens

you can not convince me otherwise

onwards I go onwards I go

More parts for the jag arrived today. So now it has a rudimentary ignition system. A digital 6AL box paired to a jegs branded distributor and an MSD coil. I also got a decent sized trans cooler to piggyback off of the one in the radiator since I’m a bit pressed for space radiator forwards and I can’t fit it...

guies add me on snapchat guies add me on snapchat

that way you can keep up with my irl shenanigans

Carburetion Carburetion

that's a temporary fuel setup i did it just to synch and tune the carbs