How To Kill a Sty

Big Shtick Energy Apr 24, 2016. 3 comments

I got a terrible infection in BOTH EYELIDS recently, so I knows...

GOLDENSEAL - This wondrous herb is an killer of all things microscopic and nasty. After getting two shots of antibiotics to the ass and a bunch of pills afterwards, all my infection did was shrink, grow back and jump to the other eyelid too. Goldenseal ALMOST took care of it all, but since I have high blood pressure, I couldn’t remain on it long enough (it strips your potassium). But the herb was MUCH MORE powerful than the antibiotics. It took away some plantar warts I had on my feet that I didn’t even realize it was attacking.

ALOE VERA GEL - This killed it. Just fucking killed the damn things. Both eyes are looking lovely again. However, expect to rub this stuff on about every two hours in order to stay ahead of an aggressive infection.

That’s all I got. Fuck a sty.


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