Brandy Is Suing Her Record Label For A Whole Lotta Money

Aimée Lutkin Mar 31, 2016. 16 comments

Brandy wants 1 million dollars from Chameleon Entertainment and its owner-CEO, Breyon Prescott. The basis of Brandy’s lawsuit is that the record company is holding her talent hostage until she signs a deal with Epic Records, who also employ Prescott. The phrase “double dip” has been used.

Courthouse News Service reports that the million dollar bill includes compensatory damages, plus punitive damages, for intentional interference with contract, interference with business relations, and business law violations and even more fancy lawyer language:

Norwood, 37, claims that Chameleon is contractually obligated to record and release her albums but refuses to do so unless she signs a “terrible deal.”

She says Prescott is doing this in “a blatantly unlawful attempt to bully Norwood into signing a new recording and distribution agreement containing terms far worse than her current agreement. Defendants have made clear through their actions and words that, unless Norwood capitulates and signs this terrible deal, she will remain ‘trapped’ with a label that won’t let her record or release music.”

Represented by Allen Grodsky, Norwood says Prescott’s “outrageous actions are based on nothing more than greed.”

Apparently, if Brandy signs with Epic, Prescott will get all sorts of sweet, sweet dips into bonuses and signing fees and what not. Before #FreeKesha, I had little to no understanding of the music industry’s corrupt and confusing system of contracting recording artists. I still know almost nothing, except that it’s easy to get so embroiled in bullshit that even the record labels don’t know WTF to do. Would love a new Brandy album though, so, Team Norwood.

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