Everyone is Stressed

JustSmileandNod Mar 30, 2016. 16 comments

I’m stressed, the students are stressed, everyone is ready for Spring Break. The students won’t stop complaining about all the work they have to do by the end of the week—fair enough, but stop complaining to ME.

My students have complained pretty much all year about their perception of me being a hard grader, but the more I listen, I feel like their previous teachers were just ridiculously easy, grading on completion and so forth, and now they have me grading on actual quality of the requirements.

In one class, it came up that I rarely give 100% scores for any assignments (god forbid I hold off on perfect scores for work that is perfect...or as close to perfect as high schoolers are going to get) and that it was unfair because they were trying so hard.

“So because I don’t give 100% on anything, you think I’m grading unfairly?”

One student: “Yes.”

(And I’m still trying to get through their essays...)


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