Cards Against Humanity: Black Friday Black Humor Edition

Übel Nov 28, 2015. 5 comments

With a black car! Game is PUT ‘ER HERE, password is “blackbeetle”


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And a fantastic video to boot!

Baja Ghia (AKA the post formerly known as CAH) Baja Ghia (AKA the post formerly known as CAH)

Game is honey nut hereios, password is “donald” DUE TO ADVERSE SERVER CONDITIONS, WE HAVE BRAVELY GIVEN UP.

Restrung the ukes today Restrung the ukes today

Decided to add a splash of color to them with some Aquila Reds (red copper added to the strings to increase density) on the Baritone: And alternating Aquila Supernylgut and Aquila Lavas (same strings, different color) on the tenor: