Day 1

OPPOsaurus CADzilla Nov 11, 2015. 2 comments

It is day one after the bomb dropped. I awoke with a different feeling. There is still a war ahead but I didn’t have the feeling of dread for the day that I felt every morning since starting the new position.


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Someone done goofed Someone done goofed

This is my brother in laws 2003 Camry.  We didn't notice the issue until everything was in place.  When we compared it to the old, there was an 8" section of pipe that looks like they forgot to weld o. Before attaching the flange.  A local shop made us a new piece for $40


I like the concept but the execution could have been better

What is this vehicle? What is this vehicle?

Instantly I noticed something was off. HUMVEEs have cricle headlight and 7 slot grill (its a Jeep thing ya know?) My first thought was holy crap, its one of those Toyota versions of the HUMVEE. I googled that and it doesn’t match up. I guess it could be a regular HUMVEE wth a different hood and wheels maybe for...