Thursday Morning Open Thread

Rainbow Bright Eyes Mar 30, 2018. 24 comments

This open thread is sponsored by the folks over at Old School Group Drink, coming to you, LIVE, tomorrow night. Stay tuned for details!


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This video is my everything... AND OPEN THREAD This video is my everything... AND OPEN THREAD

I’ve had a bad day. I’ve had a bad summer, which I’m admitting now. Saying “I’m fine!” is no longer working and that is a fucking BUMMER. And you guise make me SO HAPPY, but this video made me die. I grew up in a house where puns were used to try and crack my unyielding sarcasm. I’ve grown to...

My Neighbors Are Insane: Chapter 1  My Neighbors Are Insane: Chapter 1 

i have wanted to make this a regular feature for sometime, though I’m not sure how regular. My neighborhood and those surrounding it use an app called NextDoor to stay in touch, warn each other about crimes that have taken place, post garage sales, etc. It occasionally devolves into hilarious political arguments which I will try to include next...

The Algonquin Round Table The Algonquin Round Table

Sometimes you hear a word/phrase every once in awhile and you think, “I’m going to look that up.” Then you forget again. For years I’ve heard people mention the “Algonquin Round Table” / “The Vicious Circle” and thought I should google that. Sadly, by “people mentioning it”, I mean I’ve seen the episode of Friends were Penn tries to sell...

"Official Groupdrink" start times "Official Groupdrink" start times

ETA: If you would like to complain about how that is too far away :-P I am not at the computer right now, so have fun! But please, please go ahead and start Groupdrinking, Groupsmoking and/or Groupkinking whenever you’d please. Tonight FridayOfficial Groupdrink activities start @ 8PM EST, 7PM CST, 6PM MT, and 5PM PST UK GTers: we’re starting...

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Who wore it better? or Open thread, talk about whatever.

What Y'all Doin? Open Post What Y'all Doin? Open Post

Hey! I miss y’all this screenwriting, podcasting, music thing is a lot of work. Who knew?Just checking in with everyone to see what’s poppin.

Open thread - I am angry Open thread - I am angry

This is an open thread for whatever you want, but I am going to be angry at one of my uncles.He just had his will redrawn, partially because of the hoopla surrounding my mom’s will, and partially because of the fact that he has basically ostracized himself from the majority of the family. He is the second of four, and...

Sunday night open thread Sunday night open thread

I’m out for the rest of the evening; talk about what you want...while you’re at it, you can read about Naomi Klein’s recent trip to the Vatican. A Radical Vatican?By asserting, in his recently published encyclical, that nature has a value in and of itself, Pope…Read more Read

Friday AM OT Friday AM OT

brought to you by the 4.7 Rattle In Seattle.

Open thread Open thread

Here’s a state-by-state schedule of the 2016 presidential primaries and caucuses. 2016 Primary Schedule - Election CentralADVERTISEMENT The 2016 Presidential primary schedule is finally set. Some of the dates below may be …Read more ReadThe list was last updated 4 days ago, and I don’t think all the states and territories are listed yet. Didn’t check all too carefully, though....

lazy Sunday open thread lazy Sunday open thread

I save bacon drippings. I made bacon and pancakes for breakfast, so now I have even more.

Open thread Open thread

Good mornin’ y’all. Thought I’d share this, but you can talk about whatever.eta: and this, too: Can GOP Party Bosses Rig the Rules to Keep Trump from Winning? You Bet!If he's not beaten in the primaries, the party could toss those results.Read more Read

open thread open thread

Talk about whatever; while you’re doing that, here’s a recipe you might like.

open thread open thread

So this happened...but y’all can talk about whatever you want.This happened, too: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/pol…