Heart Palpitations?  Check the tea ingredients

Big Shtick Energy Aug 12, 2018. 3 comments

So, I have ridiculously high blood pressure and decided to use hibiscus tea to treat it instead of the gnarly prescription drugs that normally get taken. I went to the natural food store, got ridiculous sticker shock, bought some high-grade organic crap anyway, and off I went. For weeks, so far so good.

When it came time to get some more, I saw that TAZO had hibiscus in the Passion tea, so I went for that, trusting this particular brand. I also got some kava kava tea for stress, which I took immediately when I got home and had an AMAZING nap (I’m an insomniac).

Now, when I woke up, I had my regularly schedule hibiscus tea. Quite soon afterwards, my heart started pounding like CRAZY. I couldn’t get it to stop. It felt like an honest to god heart attack. I felt weak, couldn’t concentrate and was minutes away from calling the dreaded paramedics. Luckily, I had some hawthorn pills that I knew were beta blockers, so I took one and started to normalize. In about ten minutes I was back to normal. Being that the kava kava was the new player in this experiment, I decided that it just didn’t gel with the hibiscus.

The next day, when I felt the kava kava was out of my system, I had another cup of the hibiscus. SAME DAMN THING. Had to take the hawthorn to stop a trip to the hospital again. What gives??

Turns out, the new tea had another ingredient: licorice root. It’s NO BUENO for people with high blood pressure and can cause heart failure in some people.

So, if you’re having weird, unexplained heart palpitations, check those tea ingredients.


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