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Good Day? Good Day?

I’m just peaking out to see what’s up. How are you? I had fun at Badminton. We also got a fourth which was a woman who was happy to see other women playing and taught us the rules more extensively. I’m going to totally do it again and then I went over to my friends’ house and we watched...

Good morning Good morning

I think it’s morning somewhere. I’ve been tired and relaxing today. What about you?

Good Morning Good Morning

Yesterday was the first day I was teaching this semester and then Friday was a really long day too.  We are all napping here today. How about you?

Good morning Good morning

Can you believe it’s September? I’m excited today to do very little. I have so much gearing up to do this week for school that I just wanna chill out. And for those of you who are in the path of hurricane Dorian, please stay safe and I will be thinking of you.