I must have it.

John_Harbinson Jun 27, 2015. 3 comments

As I was delivering pizzas today, I spotted this little gem, sitting under a tree in a side driveway. Jotted down the address and am going to try and talk to the owner this week.

Also, Oppo, would my 6’2” 250 lb self even fit in one of these things? And what are some main areas of concern, other than rust.


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Syncro Spotted Free and In the Wild  Syncro Spotted Free and In the Wild 

Taking a little day trip to Virginia Beach, from Connecticut today, and spotted a VW Vanagon Westfalia SYNCRO, on the Jersey turnpike. Not exactly sure what the production numbers on these things are, but they’re cool, and pretty rare from what I understand. Driver got a big thumbs up from me.

Potential New-To-Me Car Potential New-To-Me Car

The car in question is a 1985 BMW 635CSI. Going for an inspection at the local vintage import shop this week so they can get it up on a lift and check out the strut towers and underside extensively for rust, do a compression test, check the fuel pump, power steering pump/brakes (brakes have hydraulic power assist not vacuum)...

A road in Virginia called "Vaux Hall". that is all.  A road in Virginia called "Vaux Hall". that is all. 

On my way back from Virginia beach yesterday, just had to stop and get a picture.

Beginnings Beginnings

SO, this is going to be a Blog/Website where I’m going to keep a record of (and attempt to commentate on with a modicum of humor) whatever adventures I happen to go on, projects I’m working on, and so on and so forth. And hey, maybe some of this stuff will end up on Oppo someday! (Hopefully) Enjoy!...