Who would win in a Disney Princess fight?

zombie711 Aug 18, 2017. 14 comments

A long long time ago, I raised a question here on io9 about who would win in a Disney Princess death match.

So to give a little background my friends and I were arguing what the best disney movie was, which lead to who the best Princess was, which ultimately lead to which one would win in a fight to the death.

Now while that conversation didnt go much farther, but I wondered who would win in a Battle Royal/Hunger Games fight between Disney Princess? And I mean official Disney Princesses only meaning people like Meg, Eilonwy, Alice and other major non official princess stay out. The only exceptions being Anna & Elsa who are supposedly set up to become part of the official line but havent as of yet.

Now lets get some ground rules.

1. No animal companions

This is so we dont have people on horses, using mice, crickets, fish, other things to help them out.

2. No help from friends or Family.

Some of these people arent actually royals, while others have connections to superhuman weapons and powers. We just want to test these people's own Mettle.

3. Only use what they personally own.

Id be lying if I said this wasnt to make sure that Mulan didn't just win thanks to superior fire power thanks to fireworks and bombs. But yeah you need to personally own it. Jasmine cant use carpet, Mulan cant use any of the weapons the military gave her, Snow White cant borrow any of the mining equipment from the dwarves.

4. No sentient creatures who arent human either.

So no Genie, no Olaf, no Snow Monster, no Forest Spirit, no Talking Tree

So lets clarify what some people have, but I may miss a few things so feel free to correct me.

Snow White- Poison Apple

Cinderella- Glass Slippers, a pumpkin Carriage, cleaning supplies.

Aurora- Aside from the likable personality of Elle Fanning? Nothing really.

Ariel- Her dad's trident (which she stole).

Belle- Lots and lots of books

Jasmine- Much like aurora she lack an arsenal but apparently has some good seduction and pickpocket skills.

Pocahontas- All the color of the Wind.

Mulan- Her dad's Armor and Sword (which she stole).

Tiana- Cooking supplies.

Rapunzel- Magical healing hair that dies when its cut, a frying pan so powerful it replaces swords, paint, and like 4 books.

Merida- Her sword, bow & arrow, and magic pastry that can turn someone into a bear with a single bite.

Anna- Mountain climbing Supplies

Elsa- Ice Powers.

Now the battle will take place in a sealed off forest, each contestant will be place equal distance away from each other from the outer most part of the circle. They will be placed in numerical order so it starts with Snow White and ends with Elsa. There are forrest animals but none of them can be made into friends or assist anyone.

Now personally my money is on either Mulan or Merida because if those two work together they might take out Elsa seeing as they are much more skilled than the assassins who tried to kill Elsa in her film and almost managed to pull it off.

So who do you think will win?


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